Explore our custom climbing kit creator. Choose from a vast range of products from the best brands (such as STIEN, ARBOTEC,TREEHOG, TEUFELBERGER and MARLOW) in the business with Forest Park and Gardens new kit creator.

What you need for the minimum Climbing Kit

1 x Rope (Long enough to reach the ground)
1 x Rope (Can be shorter)
1 x Lanyard up to 5m
3 x Friction devices
(Any combination of mechanical or rope friction devices)
3 to 6 x Carabiners (triple Locking)
1 x Throwline weight
(bag + line optional)

What you need for the minimum Rescue Kit

1 x Bridge to bridge connector
(A prussic loop & 1 x Carabiner)
(Webbing sling & 2 x Carabiner)
1 x Friction device
1 x Carabiner
1 x Set of Climbing Irons or spikes


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Lanyards, Fliplines & Slings

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Throwline, Bags & Cubes

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Karabiners - Climbing

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Climbing Ropes