Cordless Systems Guide

HUSQVARA Aspire™ 18V POWER FOR ALL Battery System

Designed for limited storage space without compromising power.

Smart, space-saving garden tools

Bring your garden dreams to life with the Husqvarna Aspire™ range – a modern collection of smart garden tools and innovative solutions designed for limited storage space.

Compact, extendable and foldable, each tool is equipped with a tailor-made hook for streamlined storage in limited spaces. And, as part of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE multi-brand battery system, its 18V battery packs provide great power and flexibility – one battery shared across 10+ brands for indoor and outdoor tools. The smart features and smart designs integrated into every Aspire™ product make garden work easier and more enjoyable.

HUSQVARNA BLi-X 36V Battery System

Take on your most demanding garden and land tasks, as a homeowner or professional, thanks to the pro-level performance and durability of the Husqvarna BLi-X 36V battery ecosystem.

CONVENIENT – 100i Products

CONVENIENT – 100i Products

Machines optimised for occasional or casual use, ideal for smaller and easier garden tasks. These 36V battery-powered products are designed for improved convenience, easy use and low maintenance, without compromising on performance.
ADVANCED – 200i Products

ADVANCED – 200i Products

Machines developed for frequent, more demanding use in the garden. These 36V battery-powered products are purposefully designed with advanced features and optimised performance to make your garden work more efficient and enjoyable.

SUPERIOR – 300i/400i Products

SUPERIOR – 300i/400i Products

Machines designed for tougher and larger tasks. These powerful, high-capacity 36V-battery products are equipped with design solutions and technical features aimed at simplifying your outdoor work everywhere and every time, for a superior user experience.

PROFESSIONAL – 500i Products

PROFESSIONAL – 500i Products

Machines engineered for demanding full-time professional use. These 36V battery-powered products are carefully adapted to facilitate the workdays for commercial users, both in terms of user-friendliness and ergonomics as well as robustness and product durability.

STIHL Cordless Power Systems

Maintaining wooded and green areas poses a range of challenges. We offer four cordless ranges, so you’re sure to find the right tool for the job with STIHL. Powerful, comfortable to use and with plenty of battery options with long battery lives, cordless tools can help you overcome the greatest challenges. So, whether in your own garden or professional use, you can always rely on top performance with cordless power from STIHL.

Cordless power tools for garden challenges

Cordless power tools for garden challenges - Easy-to-handle power tools.

The compact, easy-to-handle power tools in our AS System are perfect for occasional grounds and garden maintenance. The power you need is reliably delivered by a replaceable battery. There's also many helpful accessories available which can help you get the most out of your AS System tools.

Cordless power tools for small gardens

Cordless power tools for small gardens - Keep your garden looking its best.

STIHL AI Line cordless products give you the support you need for keeping your garden looking its best. With built in batteries, they offer light weight and straightforward handling, making jobs for the domestic user even easier to complete.

Cordless power tools for small, medium-sized and larger gardens

Cordless power tools for small, medium-sized and larger gardens - Ready for any challenge.

Your garden is your own very personal project, and the tools you use need plenty of power, whilst also being easy to use. The STIHL AK System with interchangeable batteries offers a flexible range of tools for small, medium and large gardens. Domestic use, professional heritage. Ready for any challenge.

Cordless power tools for large gardens and professionals applications

Cordless power tools for large gardens and professionals applications - One battery. Multiple tools.

Powerful performance, long battery life and outstanding handling are essential when tackling more demanding gardening jobs. STIHL’s AP System offers quiet, emission free performance, particularly useful in noise-sensitive areas. This extensive system with a wide selection of products with exchangeable batteries and backpack batteries are suited to large gardens and for professional use.