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HENCHMAN Hi-Step Platform Ladder

HENCHMAN Hi-Step Platform Ladder

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The Henchman Hi-Step is an adjustable garden platform that provides a flexible working solution for a variety of garden jobs. Its strength and durable aluminium frame means that you can get the most usage out of your ladder, keeping you safe and when working at height.7

All four legs of our Henchman Hi-Step platform are adjustable, meaning that you’ll always have a flat, non-slip foundation to work on. Our legs can independently expand up to 2ft. However, this can increase to up to 5ft with our Adjustable Platform Step Ladder Extender, no matter the original size of your ladder.

If you’re looking for complete flexibility when it comes to your working height, then our Hi-Step platform is the ladder for you. This ladder is tested by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and conforms with BS EN 131-2:2010+A2:2017, meaning that, with the Henchman Hi-Step aluminium garden ladders, you’ll experience professional safety when working at height.

 Comfortable, non-slip garden platform. The 2ft x 2ft marine plywood platform is fully enclosed, providing a spacious space that ensures you’re safe and comfortable  when working at height. With the platform, you get to work hands-free, bend in all directions, and remain level when the ladder is on uneven terrain. You’ll certainly have a wobble-free experience with our Henchman Hi-Step platform ladder.

 Compact and easy to move around. The Henchman Hi Step Platform Ladder is quick and easy to put away. The ladder folds down in 30 seconds and can be conveniently stored in a garage. It’s also ideal for transportation on a car roof rack - just what you need when moving between jobs.

 To make things even easier, we offer Hi-Step Trolley Wheels, a set of wheels attached to a frame that allow you to push and pull your Henchman platform without much difficulty.



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