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Model: GB3 - toolbin

Weight: 23kg

Dimensions (W x D x H):
External: 1200x600x855
Internal: 1100x505x825

The lightweight vault for storing everyday tools and materials.

You don’t need a hammer to crack a walnut. Similarly, you don’t need a heavy duty security solution for every storage requirement. Manufactured from galvanized steel, this lightweight vault is designed for storage of less valuable items and where high security is not a priority. Versatile and cost-effective, ToolBin™ protects your Tools and materials from the elements while keeping them safe from opportunists.

Features and Specs:

Ideal for securing less valuable items and keeping building materials clean and dry
Lockable with 2x hasp - staples
Galvanized steel construction
Strengtheners on all four corners
Double return along the bottom edge, to strengthen the base



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