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BULLDOG Premier Digging Spade 48 Handle 7101LPH48N

BULLDOG Premier Digging Spade 48 Handle 7101LPH48N

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Bulldog Premier Digging Spade 48" - Long Ash Handle

This solid forged spade is fitted with an extra long Ash shaft, making digging and ground breaking much easier on the users back.

Ideal for working at the back of flower beds and raised borders because of the long handled model.

Designed particularly for digging in unprepared ground in preparation for the planting of new plants, seeds and vegetables.


Bulldog Product Features:

  • Ash shaft
  • Handle length 48" (1200mm)
  • Made from American & German FSC Ash
  • Forged in Britain
  • Head size 11.5" x 8.5" (290 x 225mm)



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