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CEUK SAWPOD Neoprene Pruning Saw Holster Sawpod

CEUK SAWPOD Neoprene Pruning Saw Holster Sawpod

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The Sawpod leg strap makes your pruning saw more easily accessible. Worn on the lower leg, your pruning scabbard is held tightly with velcro straps and provides you with a safe location for your saw to be stored. Wearing your saw on your leg means it is always within reach, compared to hanging it from your harness. It uses the pressure of the elasticated leg straps on the grippy logo to hold your saw scabbard in place.

Sawpod fits all Trojan Handsaws and other makes of pruning saw in either straight or curved blade types.

Designed by arborists, the Sawpod has gone bio! Ethically sourced, using renewable raw materials produced using sugar cane, seashells, natural rubber and non-edible plant oil, all laminated with a recycled polyester outer layer.


  • Designed for both left and right handed users, for use in the tree or on the ground
  • Anti-twist buckles and neoprene cushion for comfort
  • Elasticated leg strapping and grippy logo hold the saw scabbard in place

Sawpod contributes to helping the Sumatran Orangutans survival and wellbeing with 10p going to SOS from every sale. Doing your bit to support the Orangutan tree dwellers.



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