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DARLAC Expert.Geared Anvil Tree Pruner DP1583

DARLAC Expert.Geared Anvil Tree Pruner DP1583

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This pruner has a 5mm steel blade and a serrated anvil for additional grip when cutting. Advanced heavy duty rack and pinion geared action offers more power with less exertion. The quad pulley system reduces the necessary effort by a factor of 4, meaning that only 25% of the normal application is required. In addition, the rope applies downward force to the tip of the leaver arm, which in turn moves the blade in an upward direction through the ratchet. The huge forces in play now will sever the branches up to a remarkable 50mm (2") with ease. The pruner quickly and easily attaches to any Expert Pole, with three safety locks for the ultimate security. With the head in place, two pulley clips attach to the middle and lower sections of the pole, keeping the rope inline, reducing the chance of tangling and preventing the pulley from swinging away when released. The pulling toggle is easily adjusted to any point on the rope.

  • Advanced heavy duty rack & pinion Geared action offers more power with less effort.
  • Quad pulley system reduces the effort by a factor of four – meaning only 25% of the normal effort is required.
  • Chrome plated steel body for rust resistance.
  • Serrated anvil for greater grip when cutting.
  • 5mm steel blade coated for rust resistance and low friction.
  • Adjustable pulleys prevent the rope from straying.
  • Use with either DP1560 or DP1570 Expert Oval Aluminium Telescopic Poles.



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