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ECHO DCS-2500TC Chainsaw

ECHO DCS-2500TC Chainsaw

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Top handle chainsaw with battery power.

For the professional arborist, the ECHO DCS-2500T was designed from the ground up.

With cutting performance comparable to the CS-2511TES, lengthy run times, and short charge periods, you'll breeze through tasks. The efficient motor control keeps cutting performance at a high level within the real cutting range. The brushless motor provides long-lasting and low-maintenance performance, while the 0.043 gauge bar and chain provides clean, precise cutting.

free operation Being a cordless tool, it is silent, emissions-free, and has little vibration, making it the ideal option for work in noisy environments.

You receive professional-grade performance that is silent, low vibrational, and emission-free thanks to the 50V Lithium-ion battery.

Professional arborists engaged in the most strenuous commercial work have been the target audience for the DCS-2500 design. T's The purpose of features is to boost productivity and simplify tasks.

Chainsaw hooking and unhooking is made possible with just one motion thanks to the innovative Quick Draw harness ring.

Model DSC-2500TC

Compatible System 56v

Dry Weight 1.6kg

Battery compatibility 2Ah

Bar Size 25cm, 10"

Chain Type 1/4" / 0.043

Rated Voltage 56v

Run Time Up to 18 mins 



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